Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs Shampoo

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Size: 250ml

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Professional salon formulated, naturally moisturising Everyday DOG SHAMPOO for all dogs, especially good for those with sensitive, dry, itchy or mature aged skin. May be used as often as required due to hydrating qualities, but always ensure to follow the shampoo process with our Conditioner to close the hair follicle, locking in moisture, protecting and rejuvenating both fur and skin.

  • Safe on Eyes
  • Proudly Made in Australia
  • Delicious Coconut & Wild-Lime Fragrance
  • Soap-free, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free
  • Naturally Moisturising Soothing Formulation
  • pH Balanced Ingredients add Silky Softness & Shine

Safe on Eyes?
Our naturally moisturising PUPPY SHAMPOO (extra-mild formulation) gives a thorough yet gentle clean, maintains oil equilibrium and reduces irritation in those with ‘dry and sensitive’ skin. Is safe to use around eyes of all ages and is ultra-moisturising for human hands.

Note* Soap-free shampoo formula allows fast and easy rinsing and our Leave-in Conditioner gets your puppy in and out of the bath quick smart. For those pups with itchy skin, it is best practice to leave the conditioner on affected areas with only a light rinse from head to tail. Products are concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

Is your dog itching themselves red-raw? 
There may be many reasons your dog itches. Topical skin allergies may play a part, or the food they eat, maybe even the affect of different grasses or the water they play in. But let's consider their ACID MANTLE or relative pH BALANCE - that slightly acidic layer covering their skin that protects from nasty environmental contaminants like bacteria, parasites and virus.

Scientifically, the stratum corneum is the topmost layer of skin responsible for keeping your dog's outer-selves healthy and hydrated. When we bathe our dog with soaps and shampoos, part of this protective layer of acidic oil gets washed away. It's part of the process. When the pH balance is disturbed and oils removed, the skin is left defenceless against hosts of micro-organisms. This presents in dry, irritated and sometimes flaky skin and may lead to an unsightly rash; leaving your dog itchy.

Always choose a naturally moisturising pH Balanced Shampoo for your dog. We also encourage you to always condition your dog, replacing lost moisture due to the cleansing process -hydrating, rejuvenating and locking in moisture. Say good-bye to the itchy-scratchies!

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Size: 250ml