Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs Conditioner

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Size: 250ml

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Professional salon formulated, naturally moisturising Leave-in CONDITIONER especially for pups, or those suffering from dry, itchy, sensitive skin. We will always encourage you to complete the bath-time process with a professionally formulated Conditioner. Washing with soap or shampoo opens the hair cuticle to cleanse away dirt and grime. Closing the hair follicle, and to capture moisture to protect the hair shaft will always require a conditioning agent. Underwater Dogs Conditioner is a Leave-in formula that feels like silk and smells like coconuts. Your dog's skin will be hydrated and smelling like a tropical island getaway! Great for ALL skin types.

  • Safe on eyes
  • Feels like Silk
  • Proudly Made in Australia
  • Delicious Coconut Fragrance
  • Naturally Moisturising & Soothing
  • Soap-free, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free
  • pH balanced ingredients add softness & shine

So why Condition?
No matter how good your dog haircare products claim to be, shampooing means washing away dirt and grime. This process naturally takes some of your dog's natural moisture balance with it. Shampooing opens the hair shaft to allow cleansing agents to wash away grime. Adding a conditioning agent closes the shaft, capturing, nourishing and locking in moisture. So using a professionally formulated pH balanced shampoo like Underwater Dogs will do everything possible to protect and enrich your dog’s hair and skin, and the finishing touch to locking in moisture, hydrating and protecting skin and fur and making it 'oh so soft!'

How do I condition my dog’s coat? 
Well you have options! Condition when wet, massaging all over into all nooks and crannies OR, towel dry and condition semi-wet. You may rinse off completely or choose to leave your conditioner on (we recommend this process for those with allergies or dry, itchy sensitivities). Underwater Dogs formula is versatile, will not leave fur feeling heavy, lack-lustre or with any product build-up. There are no set rules, so it's up to your pup's needs -but once the conditioner meets the skin & hair shaft it will lock in moisture.

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Size: 250ml