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Grooming Services

Our boutique grooming salon in the heart of Kiama NSW is the pawfect place for your furry loved one to be pampered.

Located in the sunny seaside town of Kiama NSW, our grooming salon is the perfect pace for your pooch to be pampered.
We understand the importance of regular grooming to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best. Our experienced groomers provide high-quality, customized services tailored to meet each dog's unique needs.
Your dog's health, safety and happiness are our top priorities. You can trust us to get them looking fabulous while providing compassionate care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Services Offered

In our Kiama Salon, we offer a range of grooming services too ensure your pup is happy, healthy and looking their best.

Hygiene Groom

Our Tidy up / Hygiene grooming service will leave your dog looking their best. We bathe your dog with quality shampoo and rinse thoroughly then we blow dry their coat.

To finish, we tidy the hair around your dog's face, feet, and private areas for a neat appearance.

This top-to-toe refreshing service cleans your dog's coat, beautifies their fur, and tidies their sensitive areas between full grooming sessions. It's a quick and easy way to keep your dog well-groomed and comfortable.

Basic Style Groom

Our basic dog grooming service focuses on neatening and maintaining your dog's coat using quality clippers. We'll give your dog a cleansing shampoo bath and thorough rinse before their groom. Then we'll use clippers to trim the body coat to an even length based on your preferences. We'll blend sensitive areas on the face, feet, and tail using scissors for precision. Nails will be clipped to a comfortable length and ears cleaned. Your dog will look tidy and well-kept for 4-6 weeks until their next basic grooming appointment. This is an affordable maintenance service that keeps your dog looking their best.

Wash and Blowdry

Our wash and blow-dry service deeply cleanses and beautifies your dog's coat between full grooming appointments. We bathe your dog with quality shampoo, rinse thoroughly, and blow dry their fur. This express service removes dirt while leaving your dog's coat fresh, voluminous, and tangle-free. It's a quick way to refresh your dog's appearance and keep their coat looking its best.
Note: A matting fee may apply depending on your dog's coat condition on arrival

Other services include:

Nail clip/file, de-shedding, wash and towel dry and puppy's first session.

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If you prefer you can pop down to the store and ask in person, or give us a call.

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24 Collins St Kiama NSW

048 790 1463

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Please note there is no grooming services on the weekends