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How to Capture Candid Dog Photos Like a Pro

How to Capture Candid Dog Photos Like a Pro

As a dog mum, I love snapping pics of my fur baby! But I was tired of posed photos where he just sits and stares at the camera looking miserable. I wanted to capture his lively, fun-loving personality and get some real keepers for the photo album.

The key is learning how to photograph your dog candidly when they're naturally being cute and entertaining without them noticing you. Here are my best tips for getting those Instagram-worthy candids of your pooch:

Use Burst Mode

Turn on burst mode on your smartphone camera or DSLR so you snap a bunch of shots in a row every time you press the shutter. This is perfect for actions like catching a ball, shaking off water, or mid-play bows. You'll increase your chances of getting those slice-of-life moments.

Grab Wide Angle Shots

Go for a wide angle on your lens to fit more of the environment in. This shows your dog wandering around the backyard sniffing or leaping to catch a frisbee with the scenic backdrop.

Get Down Low

Changing up your perspective creates more visually appealing images. Get on your dog's level by crouching or even laying down on the ground. The unique low angles make mundane activities suddenly look cooler.

Use Treats Strategically

Have a squeaky toy or favorite treats on hand out of your dog's view. Rustle the bag and then snap away as soon as you get their excited, curious expression when they whip their head around.

Patience Is Key

Stake out the perfect spot like near a window where you know your dog loves to hang out and chill. Quietly wait until they do something endearing then grab the moment. This takes persistence but pays off!